Visual Journal

Journal Doodles: 2016-08-13

This one is actually cheating since I drew it over a two-day period. I ran out of steam the first night, and had trouble thinking of ways to illustrate what I had done that day. As it turned out, I did pretty much the same things on the day I finished it, so it worked out in the end.

For the record:

  • I did some colored pencil work on my entry for the Pittsburgh Society of IllustratorsArt of Facts exhibit.
  • I used my handy Pomodoro One app to keep me on task: 45 minutes on; 15 minutes off. The “off” times I¬†spent¬†cleaning the studio though, so not really off.
  • We finally got some of the rain that had been falling all around us for days.
  • I watched a little baseball before bed.
  • I’ve been spreading pumpkin butter on graham crackers for breakfast all week. Well, for a few weeks, to be honest. It’s never too early for pumpkin something.

By the way, that red mark the pencils are pointing to that looks like a little sideways heart? I didn’t draw that; it was just an imperfection in the paper. Somehow it still seems appropriate.