The Ground is Shifting

I woke up this morning with a sense of unbalance that I found hard to place. I’ve never really felt this way before, but then, I’ve never really been this old before. With all the changes in the world—in my world—(mostly…not good), the best way I can describe it is the ground shifting under my feet. The easy place to …

New site design

I just uploaded a completely new website for The Rots (, and I’m planning on using the same styles and layout for my kid’s illustration site when I get there. I’ll be changing the colors to go with the branding I’ve already designed, but the fonts and layout of the new site will be very similar to The Rots’. I’ll …

This should make me a happy camper

I have to admit, I haven’t been creating much in the world of illustration lately. I’ve been focused pretty intently on getting my book out (in a few weeks, my pretties), painting a few Rots (just finished Buster on Wednesday) and getting organized for the fall SCBWI conference coming up next month in Gettysburg. Yeah. About that conference. This year I decided to …

Not bothering to bother

I admit it: I’ve been shirking my kid’s illustration duties lately. When frustration and discouragement sets in, it’s hard to keep banging your head against the wall. It just feels so good when you stop. I’ve been leaning lately in a direction where I am getting positive feedback, and where I don’t feel like what I’m creating is getting sucked …

iFrank in Technicolor

Here’s a little guy I just painted this afternoon. I did a version of him earlier that was a take on the iPod commercials and was originally posted on The Rots blog.


Finally moving on Twitter: Combination of all the work I do: fine art, kid’s illustration, graphic design and The Rots©. Kind of a daily updating of my working life.

The Golden Penn

The nice people who write and edit the Western Pennsylvania Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators quarterly newsletter (called The Golden Penn) have chosen my artwork to fill the current issue. Sorry, no link directly to the newsletter, so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it (you kind of have to pay for it, so …


So we did a SketchCrawl at the Pittsburgh Zoo a couple weeks back. I didn’t get a lot of drawing done, but I did learn some things, mostly about myself. Things I learned from the SketchCrawl at the zoo: The animals at the zoo tend to turn their butts toward you when they realize you’re trying to draw them. It’s …


Working on a new Rotty pirate painting for my next postcard.

String of pearls

Just a fun drawing to work on.See how many different images you can getfrom just a few simple lines and shapes.