So we did a SketchCrawl at the Pittsburgh Zoo a couple weeks back. I didn’t get a lot of drawing done, but I did learn some things, mostly about myself.

Things I learned from the SketchCrawl at the zoo:

  1. The animals at the zoo tend to turn their butts toward you when they realize you’re trying to draw them.
  2. It’s hard to draw when the humidity is, like, 120%.
  3. I can’t draw so much when there are people everywhere. Screaming. And running.
  4. By the time we got to the bears, all I could see were animals being forced to exist in confined spaces so humans could gawk.
  5. If I owned the zoo, I would let all the animals go.

Anyway, I was inspired by the animals in spite of their situation (and mine), so I painted “Jeeraffe,” the first of (hopefully) an extended series of “Rotty” animal paintings.