New site design

I just uploaded a completely new website for The Rots (, and I’m planning on using the same styles and layout for my kid’s illustration site when I get there. I’ll be changing the colors to go with the branding I’ve already designed, but the fonts and layout of the new site will be very similar to The Rots’. I’ll have some other changes too, just because I won’t be creating pages for the same things, but there will be enough similarities that I’ll be able to use the general idea.

I spent a long time getting these pages together and working. My original site was built completely in Flash (, but that was years before Steve Jobs decided the iPads he wanted to sell in the future wouldn’t include the ability to view Flash. And I, like so many others, really need to listen to Steve. The portfolio parts on my kid’s site are still in Flash, so I need to get those little guys up to speed.

I also had to build separate style sheets for tablets and other mobile devices, because those also weren’t much of a factor when I built the original site. But it’s finished, and I’ll tweak if necessary, and the next step will be optimizing images for

Unfortunately, that’s probably going to take a while. I’ll post here when it’s up and running.