This should make me a happy camper

I have to admit, I haven’t been creating much in the world of illustration lately. I’ve been focused pretty intently on getting my book out (in a few weeks, my pretties), painting a few Rots (just finished Buster on Wednesday) and getting organized for the fall SCBWI conference coming up next month in Gettysburg.

Yeah. About that conference. This year I decided to jump in the ring and get the text of a graphic novel idea I wrote a while back critiqued by one of the faculty. Our regional advisor is totally pushing me toward an editor named Jordan Brown. She says he would “love” the kind of stuff I do and she thinks we would get along “fabulously”.

(By the way, where do periods fall in relation to quotation marks these days? Inside or outside?)

So I’m asking to be placed with Mr. Brown, and my fingers are kind of crossed.

Kind of.

I’ve been following along with Gris Grimly’s blogging about the new three volume book he’s been working on for the past few years. He’s tackling Frankenstein and, as usual, his work is phenomenal. Beautiful. Inspiring.

Makes me want to crawl in a hole somewhere and start crocheting lap robes for a living.

His latest post isn’t helping.

Turns out the editor for his Frankenstein books? Yeah. Jordan Brown. I’m torn between jumping for joy and crawling under a rock to take up residence with the isopods. If Jordan Brown has somebody like Gris Grimly in his back pocket, does somebody like me really have much of a chance?

I’m finding my rock as we speak.