The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

We’ve hit a few snags with the printer. Some mistakes (on my part), some computer glitches (on their part), some wailing and nashing of teeth (all the way around).

Good news first: The hard cover format has been proofed and accepted (after first being rejected and re-uploaded), and an initial order has been placed for 250 copies to be sent to me. I’ll sign and ship out copies to Kickstarter backers as soon as I can get them packaged and ready to go.

50% gray news next: The paperback format has been proofed and rejected. I re-uploaded files last evening, but I’m not sure how soon those will be O.K.’d by the printer. Once the printer has accepted the files, I’ll place another order for (probably) another 250 copies, and I’ll sign and ship those out to Kickstarter backers ASAP.

Bad news last: Kickstarter backers won’t receive their copies by Halloween as I had hoped, but—

Great news: To make up for not getting the physical books out by Halloween, I’ve uploaded the entire book to Issuu where you can read it online for free! It will only be available through Halloween, so make sure you take a look while it’s up.

Here’s the link:

Happy reading!