Get Out: Wildlife

Took advantage of the cool(ish) temperatures and low humidity to get out of the house. Today we rode our bikes from Ohiopyle to Confluence and back, and along the way we ran into a bit of wildlife.

Purple Flowers

Dame’s Rocket. Found these little guys in Ramcat.


Also in Ramcat a few minutes after I took the photograph above. I think he was chowing down on the very same flowers in the top photo. He had a wingspan of maybe five inches, so, pretty big. Looks like a Fluted Swallowtail butterfly.


And, of course, our buddy the cicada. Found him off the trail about five miles southeast of Ohiopyle, but really, they’re all over and pretty loud. We had stopped to take a stretch and a look around, and this one literally fell out of a tree in front of us. While I was taking this picture another one fell out of the tree and landed beside us.