I think I forgot to mention it here before, but I try to keep my different art lives separate so as not to frighten the children. I’ve built a Web site that has the links to all of them though, and it’s here: If you’re old enough and you can handle the shock, you can take a look at what I do when I’m not designing or fine arting. It keeps me out of trouble, mostly.

Even though all my sites are different, I try to keep a similar feel through each one. I use different fonts and different colors, but I’ve created a grungy background that has found its way through all of them. It helps me get rid of that corporate “I like to follow the rules” kind of feel because I’m not a corporation and I don’t like to follow the rules. At least not as far as art goes.

Nornie was the nickname my dad gave me before I was old enough to understand what a nickname was. Apparently I didn’t like it, and I guess I told him so. But it stuck and now it’s mine. Thanks, Dad.