Animation of the progression of an illustration

After much hair pulling, I think I finally have the bugs worked out of my latest site page upload.

As I drew the illustration for Cleaver Overachiever, I scanned the image in as I went along. Then I did some aligning (the best I could) and made an animation of the progress. This link will take you directly to the animation page. I’ve also uploaded an abbreviated version of him on the illustration page of the site.

The bugs always seem to come with the coding; first ActionScript, then XHTML. Coding hates me. But in the end, I think I might have won.

I’ve checked the page on different browsers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will cooperate everywhere. If you have any problems with viewing the animation, please let me know. And let me know what browser and platform (PC or Mac) you’re using. I appreciate the feedback.