Writer’s critique kicked my butt

Fresh from (my part) of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators’ pre-conference writer’s critique, and my little brain is whipped. These guys are good, and it was enough to make me want to take a long step back from the book.

Maybe into the next state.

I read three of the short stories from the book, and the reaction was mixed. I would have liked a funner, maybe more excited response, but there you go. I got some helpful feedback and ideas on how to make things work, but I guess I was hoping I was further along in the writing process than maybe I actually am. Like some of that stuff I had written was already working.


But their ideas were good.

No. They were great.

Which makes me feel just a wee bit more inadequate as a writer than I had felt even before I sat down at their table.


I ate a lot when I got back to my room is all I’m saying. And to make myself feel even more inadequate, I think I’ll read a little Neil Gaiman Smoke and Mirrors to put myself to sleep.