If you’ve read my last entry, you already know about the frustration yada yada.

After some soul searching and decision-making, I’ve decided to allow the kid’s illustration part of my life to take a back burner. I’m finding it difficult to justify pouring money and time into a part of my career that has no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m still working on books I’ve been writing and illustrating aimed toward kids, but creating more self-promotional illustrations feels like a waste of time right now. My next promo postcard and newsletter is scheduled for August, and I’ll see how I feel about sending either when the time comes.

I’m not planning on more entries in this blog in the near future (although you never know what might come up), but you can still follow my other blogs:

The Rots
Hairy Eyeballs
Thompson Graphx/Fine art

So as Tigger says TTFN: Ta ta for now.