Total redesign!

Just wanted everyone to know I’ve totally redesigned both my graphic design/editorial illustration site: and my fine art site: I was hoping to make both of them a little more classy than they had been, so I created the pages in Flash and dropped them in a main page I created in Dreamweaver.

And, although it’s been up for a little while already, I guess this would be the official announcement of my fine artwork online. I use many mediums including oil, acrylic, graphite (powdered and in pencil form), charcoal (powdered, vine and compressed), conte crayon and many natural materials, to name a few. I have also included several of my silver gelatin photographic prints on the site as well as previous show listings, my artist’s statement and bio.

I’m hoping for feedback, especially if anyone encounters problems in the technical area.

And thanks to everyone who has already fed back!