The @arthouse Coop have (has?) digitized my #sketchbookproject

Part of the payback for creating a sketchbook for the Art House Coop (The Brooklyn Art Library) is that they scan every page of your sketchbook and upload them for the whole world to see. They’ve finished scanning all of my pages, and here’s the link to the digitized version:

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sketchbook Project, here’s a post that attempts to explain what it’s all about:

And here’s a ready-made search of all my posts of sketches and finished pages for the project:

This was the Sketchbook Project 2012 version. They’ve just finished signing up participants for the first round of the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition, and I went and signed up for that one, too. I’ll be posting about the Limited Edition project on The Rots’ blog, so I’ll be posting the progress on that sketchbook over there.