“Steampunk Heidi” sketch for Tomie

Starting this year, SCBWI is taking over sponsorship of the Tomie dePaola Award, although Tomie will still be choosing the winner. I’m not expecting much of a look from Mr. dePaola, but it does give me a subject for my next postcard.

They’re looking for an illustration based on the opening paragraphs of the classic Heidi by Johanna Spyri. Tomie claims he wants to see “an image, a style, a vision that I’ve never seen before!” (exclamation mark included) I’m having my doubts that that’s entirely true, but I’m going to enter anyway.

This is the sketch I came up with:

I wanted to add a little bit of my own twist to the illustration by giving her a steampunk attitude. The timeframe would be right-ish, and the goggles were especially helpful for a reflection of the Alps.

Addendum: As an aside, here are the scrap paper thumbnail ideas I was playing with. I guess technically I went with #2.