Spammers Suck

I’m so sick of spam you have no idea. At the end of January, someone decided it would be a great idea to use my studio domain name to send out spam emails. They didn’t use my actual email address, they made up their own but used my domain name for the rest. I only know this because I have my email account set up to accept anything that comes in using my domain name regardless of the rest of the address, just in case somebody types something wrong or doesn’t know the exact email. So I got about 250 emails in my “IN” box being returned to “sender” that I had to sift through to find the legitimate ones. I’ve also gotten emails from some of the people who have received the spam telling me they didn’t want me to spam them anymore. I changed some settings on my server that hopefully will fix the problem of someone else using my domain name, but it’s Feb. 24 and I’m still getting the returned spam! What kind of illegitimate business would try to sell something (they were pushing Adobe software products) by spam marketing? This stuff had to be illegal.

My second gripe about spam is filters. If someone spends the time setting up their email to filter out the nasty stuff they don’t want in their “IN” box, does somebody else really think that the recipient will change their minds and open the spam when the subject line uses “@#^*” in the middle of words to bypass the filters?

Am I the only one here?