Sketchbook Project 2012 #sketchbookproject

Next year (next month!) I’ll be participating in the wildly successful Sketchbook Project, put together by the Art House Co-op and the Brooklyn Art Library. I know, I know, I sure waited a long time to jump on the wagon, but at least I’m not falling off of it. I posted my first sketch in an earlier post.

The Sketchbook Project works like this:

  1. I order a sketchbook from the Art House Co-op
  2. They send a sketchbook specifically for me, with a bar code on the back identifying me and my sketchbook
  3. I draw in said sketchbook (this seems to be the part that’s taking the longest)
  4. I send the sketchbook back to the Art House Co-op
  5. They scan all the pages of my sketchbook and include them in their digital library and post them on their site
  6. They gather up all the sketchbooks from this collection (this collection being 2012) and take them on tour around the country starting in April
  7. After the tour, the sketchbooks are cataloged as a permanent fixture of the Brooklyn Art Library, available for patrons around the world to enjoy (hopefully)
  8. Every time someone “checks out” my sketchbook it will be logged through the bar code on the back, and I can check my stats in real time online or through text messages
  9. That’s it

We had to pick “themes” for the sketchbooks, and the one I picked was Stitches and Folds. I thought I could do something cool with that idea. My first page from the sketchbook is actually the cover, and here it is (ta-da):

Each image will include some sort of stitch or fold (in the drawing of it, not an actual stitch or fold, which I played around with and discovered didn’t work so well) opposite a page with a song lyric that I think goes well with the image.

I rebound (rebinded?) my sketchbook (you’re allowed as long as you follow their rules) with some toothier paper (theirs was too smooth and too white), so the stitching on the spine is mine (and part of my theme).

Due Jan. 31, 2012.

What was I thinking?