Sketchbook Project 2012—Harley in color #sketchbookproject

O.K. Admittedly I’m running a bit on the late side with this one. I signed up for the Sketchbook Project 2012 months (and months) ago but, unlike the usual get-it-finished-way-before-it’s-due me, I’m getting the color done on these pages way too last minute for my blood pressure (it’s due Jan. 31). I would include the link for the project, but right now they’re signing people up for the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition, and I can’t find a link anymore for the regular Sketchbook Project 2012.

So here you go. The first color page (after the cover and title page, of course) finished and stamped with “done”. I posted the sketch for this little guy last August. Apparently, at the time I named him Harley so I guess we’ll have to go with that.

Say “hello” to Harley.