See? I wasn’t lying. Saturday rocked.

I totally survived my first book signing last Saturday at the Frick Art & Historical Center, and had a great time. It was fun seeing how people “got it” when they opened the book and got a look at the twisted illustrations inside. I don’t know who else I signed for, but I know one of my books will be going to the Murrysville Community Library, so I’m just warning all you parents with kids over there: It’s coming.

It was also terribly fun to use my new Square credit card reader on my iPad. The best part was how the people handing me their cards also thought it was fun. I was a tiny bit afraid they might be apprehensive about it, but I had no problems at all. It was fast. It was easy. I’d recommend it completely. (I’ve mentioned Square so many times on my blogs that people are going to start thinking I work for them. I really don’t.)

Book buyers were rewarded with a free bookmark to take home with their new book, and we also had prints and posters available, along with various free postcards options to choose from.

I’ll be doing a little research to see where else I might be able to have a book party. If you know of any independent bookstores or quirky shops that might be interested, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.