Redesigned covers

With three positive reviews from major reviewers to boast, I decided to redesign the Twisted covers to include exerpts. While I was at it, I made a few more changes of things that were bugging me. Here’s what I did:

  • I was afraid the image was printing a little on the cyan side, so I adjusted that
  • From the beginning I wanted the title on the front to be much bigger, so I messed with that a little, too (although I’m not quite happy with it yet)
  • I added a few spot colors of that aqua from the image in some of the text, which I like a lot better
  • I changed most of the fonts from VT Portable Remington to Goudy Old Style like the body copy in the book
  • I made some changes to the spine in the image and the font
  • I changed the Hairy Eyeballs Press logo so it will show up better

Here’s the hardcover before:

and here’s the hardcover after: