Reacquainting myself with figure drawing

It’s been about ten years since I did some serious figure drawing, and I’ve been inspired lately to reacquaint myself with the whole process.

This drawing was one I had started all those years ago and never finished. It’s hard pastel on pastel paper. I like the light color on the darker paper, but I’m not sure so much about hard pastels in general. This particular drawing was smallish, 9″x12″, and I felt I needed a sharper edged detail in some areas than I was able to get with worn-down pastels. Also, when I sprayed the fixative, I’m pretty sure I lost some of the detail.

If I work with these pastels again I’ll be prepared for less detail since I’m kind of married to the paper size (I have a couple tablets full of it).

It’s a learning process. If you aren’t learning, you’re not moving forward.