Publisher’s Catalog in Publication—Got it!

It looks like the book is a little more official now.

Quality Books created a Publisher’s Catalog in Publication for Twisted: Tales to Rot Your Brain Vol. 1, and it’s now printed on the copyright page of both the hard cover and paperback editions of the book. There was a brief burp while the new text files were uploaded to the printer, but that’s all finished and both editions are back in stock. And looking pretty official.

A Catalog-In-Publication is usually given out by the Library of Congress, but they’re not really interested in working with publishers who aren’t yet “established” (meaning they have published less than three books). But it’s not like somebody else can’t do the work for you.

The Catalog in Publication is there to help the librarian catalog your book. That’s it. Here’s how The Donohue Group (another PCIP vendor) describes it:

PCIP gives librarians all the information they need to quickly add a record for the book to their database or card catalog. This means improved service to library users (and happy librarians).”

So if you know somebody who knows what all the CIP symbology is about (like a really cool librarian), they could make one for you, if you ask them nice. Otherwise, there are companies that provide the service online for a fee. I think just having happy librarians around makes it worth it.