Photos while bike riding

Yeah. It probably isn’t a good idea to take photos while you’re actually moving on the bike, but I couldn’t resist.

Great Allegheny Passage from Confluence to Fort Hill. Cleared the cobwebs. Got me focused.

A few days ago I had written about 12 important pages for the end of my latest novel, and they felt like I just wanted to get it done. I thought about them on the trail, about what the problems were, about what questions really needed to be solved better (or solved period) and about what needed more explanation. When I sat down after I got home, I started handwriting ideas outĀ that I didn’t want to forgetĀ on scrap paper. After the third sheet and I still wasn’t finished, I decided to finish up on the computer.

Two pages single-spaced later, I’ve got problems solved that I didn’t even realize I had.

Tomorrow, we write.