Pennsylvania Academic Standards

One of the things I wanted to put an effort into once I got the book printed was organizing school visits to talk about it. I decided that before I started trying to put a school visit schedule together, it would be a good idea to give schools a reason to have me there.

Yeah, that would be a really good idea.

I know they are on tight budgets these days and aren’t able to bring in entertainment like they used to do when I was in school (back in the day). They need their programs to fit their curriculum or they won’t be able to justify the expense. So I’m saying hello to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.

I wanted to do as much work ahead of time for the schools as possible, so my next step is downloading and pouring over lots of pages of academic standards. I’ve decided to concentrate on my home state to get started (Pennsylvania, duh), and I’ve downloaded the English and Art academic standards from the state’s Web site. (The pdf for the Arts and Humanities standards is “pdfarts.pdf” by the way. Made me giggle.)

I’m not looking forward to trying to decipher and then figure out how to apply some of this stuff, but you know what helps in situations like these? When your husband was an art education professor for 35 years and offers to help. Mine was. And he did. Yep. That’s a big help.