New site up and running

I spent a whole, whole lot of time redesigning and updating my website:

Among other things, I added media queries (that may or may not work; I’m hoping may) for surfers on mobile devices. I also added some things about my writing since my writer’s critique group keeps trying to convince me I am one. I ditched everything Flash on the site, mainly because my iPad doesn’t recognize it, and despite loving how it looked.

Something else I’m working on is getting my sites to look like they belong under the umbrella of the same parent company (Thompson Graphx). I updated The Rots‘ site previously to get things started, and I started building a new site for my new book (both far from being finished) using the same layout.

The geek side of my creativity loves the challenge, and the writer side of my creativity loves the distraction. That would be a win-win I would say.