New illustrations posted

I’ve finished a couple more pages of the graphic novel, The T Rex and the Hare, which is set to be included somewhere in the new book. Both pages are available for viewing on the illustration page of the Hairy Eyeballs site.

I’m planning on finishing all of the images in the book with powdered graphite along with artist’s graphite pencils so the illustrations stay unified. By using powdered graphite, I’m able to put down something similar to a watercolor wash before I go in with pencil on the details. I can cover a large space quickly without pencil lines or variations from the paper tooth. Also, by using the powder I’m able to paint a thick coat of super heavy blacks in places where I need them.

This also means I have to go back to a couple of the early, early illustrations I had finished and redraw them with the graphite. I’ll post the graphite drawings on the site when I’m finished with them, and I’ll post the before and after versions here on the blog.