What a long day! But productive!

I moved all my kids illustrations over to just one site: I had to re-save all the images and thumbnails, and create new rollover links for two portfolios. (Not to mention changing all the templates for every page on the site to include the new portfolio.) The preliminary work always takes so long, but once it gets done, putting the pages together is so rewarding.

I had originally thought I should keep my “traditional” kinds of kids illustrations on a separate site from my “twisted” kids illustrations. Somehow, all this time it has never felt quite “right.” So I’ve copied over the twisted kids. The only things I’m going to keep on my site will be my editorial illustrations, graphic design and hand lettering work. I haven’t taken down the twisted kids from the graphx site yet–and I won’t for a while–but only until I can get the word out. I need the space for my new hand lettering images.

Now I have to work on re-branding my twisted kids to conform to the branding I already have started with my traditional kids. More work, but definitely worth it.