Media kit: Done

After a little (O.K. a lot of) rearranging and reuploading and relinking, I finally have the media kit finished for Twisted Vol. 1. I had a bit of a kit available on the publisher site, but I hadn’t uploaded anything yet on the book site so I wanted to get moving on it. That, and the original media kit was mostly geared toward the Kickstarter campaign which, if you haven’t noticed, was finished about a year ago. I had some catching up to do.

So available for download would be:

  • The cover image (both low and high res)
  • A still from the book trailer (low and high res)
  • Two head shots to choose from, one casual, one formal (low and high res for each)
  • The book’s one-sheet (pdf)
  • A contact sheet (pdf)
  • An author bio (pdf)
  • Info about the book (pdf)

I also have links to all the reviews I know about, plus the Kirkus Reviews Indie Spotlight Q&A they did with me and whatever other press the book has gotten along with all the links for the book: the book’s site, blog, trailer and shop.

I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anything. I’m sure somebody will let me know if I did (and thanks in advance).