It’s been a long, long time…

I used to make it a point to get something new on this blog maybe a couple of times a week. I always felt I needed to have some kind of image to talk about before I could post. This time, though, I’ve decided the images will have to wait while I write some words.


I dread writing, but from some of the things I’ve read, that’s the attitude of a lot of people. I used to say, “I do pictures, I don’t do words.” I told my Fiction Writing professor once that, “It hurts,” and he said, “Then you must be doing it right.” Makes you wonder why anybody would want to do this to themselves intentionally.

For me, today, I’m doing it to myself to get back in shape. I have writing to do, and I haven’t been doing it. When I opened the file this afternoon I realized how long it had been and didn’t really know how to start the gears back up.

So I decided to do what everybody does (well, what everybody is supposed to do) before they go running: I’m going to warm up. And I’m going to do it by writing drivel like this that never has to make it past the eyes of an agent or editor or publisher to actually get published. As a matter of fact, the only eyes that will probably see these words are mine and the hundreds of spammers out there waiting for me to post something new so they can pummel me with their spammy comments. Apparently they don’t care that I monitor that activity, and their words will never see the light of day.

My words, on the other hand, are about to see the light of day as soon as I hit “Publish…” in three, two, one…