Illustrations for Jack & Jill Magazine

Here are a few more of the illustrations I did for Jack and Jill‘s March/April issue. These ones were spots that were scattered in and around some “how to go green for Earth Day” suggestions.

This first one encouraged kids to ride their bikes to school. I played with that iconic “school zone” street sign showing kids walking to school by adding a bike rider to the mix.

This one explained the importance of turning off the lights when you leave a room. I worked on some of these while I was on an Amtrak train to Philadelphia with my laptop and a 4″x6″ Wacom tablet. The setup worked out surprisingly well.

And this last one suggested bringing your lunch to school in a reusable bag. I just pictured one of those ones with the canvas strap and Velcro closure, and I added a retro 60s flower shape so it could be used by either girls or boys.