Getting Dirty From Newspaper Print

I did an interview a couple of weeks ago with a local newspaper about the Twisted book and how I funded it through Kickstarter. They took some pictures of me along with some of the Kickstarter rewards a few days after the interview. The article printed just this past Monday. Here’s the online version, mercifully minus the horrid photo of me that accompanied the print version:

Sometimes when I do these things I have trouble dealing with misquotes and misinformation, but this one is pretty much on the money. The quotes in the article that Mike Arnzen supposedly said totally melt my brain though. I understand he was my fiction writing professor—and everything I know about writing fiction I learned from him, and everything I’ve read since then just reaffirms what he taught me—but getting a pat on the back from a mentor is incredibly satisfying.

When I set something that might be a little on the “out there” side free to roam in the public, it’s easy to get nervous about its safety. I worry about whether I’ve pushed anything too far, whether people will get it, whether it will be over everybody’s head. But so far things are going well. It looks like Dr. A totally gets it, but he’s the one who taught me how to show (my dark side) without telling. I know a couple twenty-somethings who get it, but they’ve lived with me for years, and how they turned out is probably my fault. I’ll apologize to them later. But on top of that, I’ve also gotten a couple of nice comments on the Kickstarter page and on my personal Facebook page, so I’m starting to think everything’s oakey dokey.

Along those same lines, the book got its first review on Amazon, and it’s a five-star! Thanks, tonimarie77! I totally owe you dinner and a movie for that one.