Dancing in the Moonlight

So you remember that Frankenstein hot cocoa idea I was doing for the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators drink mix directory?

Yeah. It wasn’t really working for me, so I canned the idea and started over. I dreaded having to sit down and work on it for some reason. I still might use it somewhere someday, but right now it just isn’t happening.

I decided to stick with the hot cocoa idea though. I was thinking a lot of people drink hot chocolate in the evening before bed, and it would look pretty cool to have chocolate dripping off the teeth of a vampire, right? I also thought he should have some friends to enjoy it with.

But evening for a vampire is about the time when the party’s just getting started, and I wanted to make sure I showed that. He’ll be wearing printed pjs (not sure yet what the print will be) along with his bunny slippers, and everybody’s dancing to that old King Harvest song. You know, the one I can’t seem to get out of my head now that I’ve started this thing.