Branding: Now I have to update everything I own

It was a good idea at the time. Really, it was.

It started with creating a font. That was simple enough. I’ve wanted to design one for so long…

Then the font ended up on my website. Wasn’t that just the coolest thing?

Then I started thinking about how I’ve always wanted the font of my logo to be something I created by hand. Not a problem.

The problem didn’t happen until the reality set in that I was going to have to update absolutely everything in my marketing arsenal.

My new business card

So I ordered new business cards yesterday; I updated my studio invoice with the last commission; I updated the pages that will go into my portfolio, and the file is waiting on a USB drive to take to the printer; the ID stickers I have on my portfolio are updated and waiting to be printed out…Unfortunately, I had a load of postcards printed months ago, and they’re all with the old branding. I’m going to have to use them anyway; I don’t have a lot of choice.

I love the new look, but the new look means a lot more work than just designing a new logo.

It was totally worth it.