All Hallows Read

In case you didn’t know about it, Neil Gaiman had an idea a couple of years ago that he called “All Hallow’s Read” where, instead of (or in addition to, it doesn’t really matter) giving candy at Halloween, you give a scary book instead. You can gift it, you can leave it somewhere, you can give it to a library. It doesn’t really matter. All you really need to do is get people reading!

So, as in the past, I’ve designed a bookmark for the occasion. It’s free to download and print as often as you like, and free to give away with that scary book you’re going to give this Halloween. Download the hi-res pdf version on the Hairy Eyeballs Press site.


The font I used on the bookmark is called Canker Sore, and it was designed by John Martz.

As for scary books, may I suggest Twisted: Tales to Rot Your Brain Vol. 1? It’s fun, it’s scary, and it’s just the thing to tuck your little ones in at night.